Placerville outdoor boudoir photography helping people feel free naked in nature.

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The gentle rustling of knee-high grass as she tiptoes through it, the sound of a trickling creek, and the warm sunshine kissing the skin create the perfect setting for a boudoir session.

On a beautiful piece of land outside Placerville, CA, Rebecca and I let our creativity soar. Ideas flowed naturally in this serene environment.

During a boudoir session, it’s essential to follow basic posing directions. As a fine art nude photographer in the Sacramento area, I understand the vulnerability involved and guide my clients through every pose, expression, and movement.

Clients often mention their insecurities. While I keep these in mind, I see beyond them. I notice how the wind plays with long hair, how shadows create unique patterns on skin, and how body shapes move. I see collarbones, hip lines, and poses that highlight their best features. To me, each client is a work of art.

Whether outdoors or in our Sacramento boudoir studio, I never judge your body or push you beyond your comfort zone. You set the boundaries and pace for your session. I’m here to show you a new perspective of yourself.

Outdoor boudoir sessions can take place on your private property, at a local horse ranch in Carmichael, CA, in the El Dorado County forest, and more. The possibilities are endless. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the experience!

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